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 Electric Fireplaces

have revolutionized the new construction and remodeling industry. Homeowners and builders who have experienced the breath taking realism of The Electric Fireplace realize it has raised the bar for design  options. The Electric Fireplace evolution has experienced a quantum leap from those electric logs with reflective tin foil drums that adorned the hearth while the lava lamps were in vogue. The popularity of The Electric Fire Place is due to their very Valor Adorn Electric Coal Basket with Cast Iron Frontunique properties. Increasingly fireplaces that once served a practical purpose of heating are now only for aesthetics. Real fireplaces just might not make since in today's super insulated and tightly constructed homes. It is more and more difficult to provide for the make-up combustion air for burning woodThe Biltmore Electric Fireplace with Mirror Top from  by Classic Flame or gas. Tightly insulated homes rarely need the amount of heat that is generated by a vent free gas log, resulting in uncomfortably hot rooms.  Venting of traditional gas logs is wasteful of  precious energy resources not to mention concerns of COgreenhouse emissions. Vent free gas logs are prohibited in bedrooms and small rooms. Because of the heat of real fires most fireplaces remain dark and uninviting during mild or warm weather. The Electric Fireplace on the other hand can
preserve the coziness of a  home fire burning in your fireplace year-round with or with out the heat and without a real flame! The Electric Fireplace engine utilizes a highly protected, patented tThe EF500 Electric Fireplace with Designer Front by Monessenechnology of animated image projection and the look of dramatic glowing embers while only consuming about the same electricity of a standard 100 watt light bulb. The low power consumption  (approximately 1 cent per hour) only produces approximately 400 Btus of heat as opposed to 40,000 Btus of a Vent Free Gas Log. This is why The Electric Fireplace has been called the year-round fireplace. Fireplaces need to produce heat at times and to accomplish this The Electric Fireplace is equipped with Electric heaters and very quiet blower systems. The electric heating elements can be thermostatically controlled and can provide over 4,000 Btus - adequate for warming a 20' X 20' room . The lower intensity of the gently warmed air allows The Electric Fireplace to be used in smaller rooms, under TV's or heat sensitive art. You owe it to yourself to explore the infinite possibilities that Electric Fireplaces offer

A close up of the electric fireplace engine reveals the dramatic glowing emberbed and image of animared leping flames

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