EWMC-CC-SS Cream Corner Wall Mount Dimplex Electric Fireplace

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The EWMC-CC-SS Dimplex Corner Mounted Electric Fireplace

look and warmth of a real gas burning fireplace
EWMC-CC-SS   Cream Corner Wall Mount Fireplace

  • The space-saving design and attractive finish make this fireplace a charming addition to any room. A twist on tradition, the corner wall mount electric fireplace offers comfort and style. The patented flame technology provides the ambiance of a real fire in any corner of the home.
  • Ideal for bedrooms, condos, lofts, apartments, or single homes
  • Four-season enjoyment: operates with or without the heater on
  • Simple, classic design complements many decors
  • 3 stage remote control (no heat, half heat, full heat)
  • Thermostat controlled fan-forced heater
 UL / ULC Numbers
  • ULC Model #: 690182xxxx
  • UL File #: E71416, Vol. 1 Sec. 30
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The EWMC-CC-SS Magic will Astound you!

Dimplex EWMC-CC-SS electric fireplace is a clear winner for innovation and visual effect. Dimplex captures the coveted VESTA Award  at the recent HPB expo show in Reno. Dimplex continues to turn heads in the growing electric fireplace industry. Maybe you have noticed their electric fireplaces gracing the trendiest upscale hotel rooms, condos or town houses.

It has been only 12 short years since the first electric fireplace appeared in the US.

Electric fireplaces have not always been so sophisticated.  They originated in the United Kingdom about 50 years ago, when the British government banned the use of coal to heat homes and natural gas fireplaces did not yet exist.  In 1990 Dimplex took the concept of the traditional British electric fireplace and adapted it to fit  U.S. tastes and the modern electric fireplace was born.  in 1996 Dimplex pioneered the truly realistic flickering-flame effect. The simulated flame (created using LEDs) is said to look more lifelike than a gas flame because the pattern is completely random.

Dimplex has continued to develop many other innovations, including a fireplace with an integrated air purifier that removes allerens from the air to create a healthy indoor environment.

Architects are finding  more and more places to put fireplaces in their homes today. Often these locations present certain problems for Wood or Gas fireplaces like:

  • Venting Problems
  • Over heating Problems
  • Desire for year-round operation
  • TV above installations
  • Safety
  • Environmental Heath

Many Architects are including Faux Fireplaces that are never intended to be burned or provide heat. Why not build the fireplace around an electric fireplace so that it can deliver both the image and warmth of a real fuel burning fireplace

The imagery belies the senses: from the large glowing ember bed, randomly pulsating glowing logs to its tall animated leaping flames.

Many in the industry agree that the animated flame image is the best in the industry.   The built in Heater and remote mounted wall thermostat makes installation and wiring a breeze! Just wire on either 120 volts ore 240 volts for max 10,000 Btu of heat wire the wall thermostat and install the batteries in the remote. You now have On-Off, Thermostat control, and multiple combinations of visual effects all from a remote smaller than a cell phone.

Optiflame saves time and money on-site
Fewer tradespeople required.
No gas supply or venting needed.
Integrity of building envelope is maintained.
Wire it and it's working.

Optiflame is owner and tenant friendly
Realistic flame, logs and embers.
Four-season enjoyment.
(use with or without heat)
No indoor or outdoor air pollution.
No moisture problems.
100% energy efficient.
No gas fitting.
No masonry work.

Optiflame is Green
The unique design attributes of Dimplex electric fireplaces provide a multitude of benefits to builders, homeowners and the environment.

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